August 29, 2014


Crime and Gambling in a Virtual World — by Clare Chambers-Jones





The popularity of virtual worlds and on-line gaming has increased drastically over the last decade. This has presented new opportunities for criminals who wish to exploit the blurry legal lines that govern the Internet. Dr Clare Chambers-Jones claims that we need a better understanding of the nature and extent of cyber crime in order to create effective legislation. Continue reading…

August 26, 2014


Understanding Climate Policy with Economic Tools – by Richard Tol


Climate change is a problem that is unprecedented in its scale, scope, duration, complexity, uncertainty and inequity. The debate about climate policy is muddled, confused, confusing, ill-informed, hysterical and acrimonious. It need not be. Climate change is a difficult issue, but not beyond human wit. Richard Tol, Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex, explains how his new book on climate economics offers the reader a set of tools that, if properly applied, can shed light on the aims and implementation of climate policy. Continue reading…

August 21, 2014


Crisis for Public-Private Partnerships: how can the law help? By Yseult Marique


Public-Private Partnerships are responsible for providing many public services in the UK and can make the businesses that run them hundreds of millions of pounds of profit. In times of government austerity they are controversial but, as Dr Yseult Marique argues, they are here to stay. Here she lists some changes in the legal framework that would make them more effective and lead towards the delivery of better services. Continue reading…

August 19, 2014


Cultural Economics – an interview with Professor Ruth Towse

woman contemplating colorful paintings

Ruth Towse, Professor of Economics of Creative Industries at CIPPM, Bournemouth University, talks to us about her new book and her approach to cultural economics. Continue reading…

August 15, 2014


Edward Elgar Publishing partners with not-for-profit organization to help libraries in developing countries


At Edward Elgar Publishing we are very excited to have recently formed a partnership with Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), a not-for-profit organisation that works with libraries worldwide to enable access to digital information for people in developing and transition countries. Continue reading…


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