November 20, 2014


Elgar Debates: How to Promote a Global Economic Recovery? “The worst infliction we can impose on our economies is to leave them to the tyranny of the markets”

Unemployed_men_queued_outside_a_depression_soup_kitchen_opened_in_Chicago_by_Al_Capone,_02-1931_-_NARA_-_541927 What are the best economic policies to promote global recovery? In the first letter of our Elgar Debates series, Steve Kates presented the Free Market view of the current economic crisis.   In this second letter Louis-Philippe Rochon gives his reply, setting out what he sees as the problems with reliance on the market and suggesting four practical steps to promote economic recovery. Continue reading…

November 18, 2014


The Paradox of Entrepreneurship and Alignment in Corporate Venturing

photo: SomeDriftwood, flickr (CC BY 2.0)

How can established corporations utilize entrepreneurial energy to successfully promote corporate venturing?  Jessica van den Bosch and Geert Duysters consider the options.

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November 13, 2014


Elgar Debates: How to Promote a Global Economic Recovery? The Keynesian vs. Free Market approach


What are the best economic policies to promote global recovery?  In the first of a series of exchanges, Steven Kates, Associate Professor of Economics at RMIT University, tries to persuade Louis-Philippe Rochon, Associate Professor at Laurentian University and Founding Co-editor of the Review of Keynesian Economics, that Keynesian theory just makes economic problems worse.

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November 6, 2014


Politicians, be Brave! How to Transition Towards Urban Resilience – by Jeroen van der Heijden

hanging smog

photo: Craig Nagy, flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Cities and other urban environments play a key role in a global response to climate change. Unfortunately, it appears extremely complicated to govern the transition towards urban sustainability and resilience. Dr Jeroen van der Heijden discusses both governance barriers and their solutions, arguing that while there are sufficient traditional and innovative governance tools available to guide a transformation towards urban sustainability and resilience, policy-makers have to be brave and start mandating these.

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November 4, 2014


Why we publish in entrepreneurship – by Alan Sturmer

sunlight breaking through leaf of liquidambar styraciflua

Photo: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann (CC BY 2.0)

Edward Elgar Publishing has built a list in the field of entrepreneurship that is second to none in academic publishing. Alan Sturmer, Executive Editor of our USA office, reflects on how and why this came about.

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